The Itty Bitty | Albums

I'm a little bit in love with these itty bitty albums! They so cute and compact! They even come in a cute little draw-string linen bag, that I forgot to photograph it, but I will next time! They have a lots of cover options and are printed on photographic print, which means the pages are a little bit thicker than your usual pressprint book. But what really sold me, is that they are a lay-flat book, which means they're great for photos that span over two pages because it's seamless!

And, not to sound too [cough] salesy [cough], they make a great add on to your portrait session or even as a gift to out for town family & friends with your favourite 20 photos from your wedding ;)

This one here is a 5x5in album with a ticked pink cover.

If you're interested in booking a portrait session or the album, please click here to email me!