Quatsino is a beautiful place located on the northern part of Vancouver island. You kind of have to "planes, trains and automobiles" it to get to there (except it's a boat not an train), but it's totally worth it!

My really good friend Gina and her family own the Kagoagh resort and fishing lodge and it's a gorgeous place. While they cater to the fishing enthusiasts, it's an amazing place to just visit if you're in need of a break from the everyday and escape into nature. It's very quiet with little to no entertainment by city standards. There is no bar or club, there are no restaurants, I don't think there's even a grocery store. It's truly a secluded location, geared towards fishing fans and nature lovers.

It may not be for everyone, but really, what more do you need other than good food, good friends, good conversation, some beers and the views. Well, the wildlife is kind fun.