Purse Obsessions

I love purses. It's one of the few loves I share with my mom. Come to think of it, I probably got it from her. This love has now transfered to camera bags. I take my camera with me almost everywhere. Wrapped in the protective layer of a wool scarf I bought in Prague, it usually rides in my Drifter backpack during the week or in one of the few purses big enough to hold it and my wallet on the weekends. As I have a suitable system to work with, finding the perfect everyday camera bag has been sitting on the back burner for a while. But now that Dennis and I are planning a month long trip to the Philippines in December, my obsession has kicked into high gear!

Once we're overseas, I don't want to be carrying a backpack all the time, and my weekend purse isn't quite big enough to carry my camera plus miscellaneous things I'll need, like TP in case I have to use the washroom in a restaurant (Has anyone who's travelled to the Philippines heard/experienced this?! I was just informed on the weekend - this will affect my packing list.).

I want a purse big enough to carry my camera but that doesn't look like a camera bag so people won't think I'm a tourist, even though I am. After, amazingly enough, only a few hours of research, I think I've made my decision. It's based on size, shape, price and more importantly - number of shoulder straps. Many a wasted dollars went to a purse with 2 shoulder straps only to continuously have one of them fall of my shoulder. It's annoying.

So, as soon as I can afford it - I'm ordering the Epiphanie Lyric bag for my trip. I'm leaning towards the Slate Blue colour - what do you guys think?

You can check out the Epiphanie website for more colours and different styles.