The Penguins Have Arrived

I love penguins. They're just so cute when they waddle, such elegant swimmers and so funny when they "catch a breeze" (which is apparently how they cool off).

A couple of weekends ago, Dennis' nieces had a sleep over. They were pretty excited. I was a little nervous but thankfully his nieces are so well behaved that it was pretty easy.

We made sure to plan an activity-filled 24hours that included Madagascar 3 (which much to his surprise, Dennis really enjoyed) and of course, the South African Penguin exhibit at the Vancouver Aquarium. Seriously, I could sit and watch the penguins swim around for hours! The otter was another one of my favourite. I love watching them swim on their backs. The 2-toed sloth was pretty cool except he was so high up in the trees, you could only see orange fur across green branches. Still, I've never see a sloth in person so he gets brownie points from me.

While having the girls for 24hrs was pretty easy, Dennis and I were both exhausted by the end of the day. I raise a frothy glass of tasty goodness to all the moms and dads out there. Your energy and patience are amazing virtues.