New Home!

We weren't really planning to move, yet again. But when you fall in love with a place, what is one to do?! Our original plan was to rent for a few years then see how the housing market was. Vancouver's housing market is crazy and but it seemed to be plateau-ing and in some areas even dropping. We stumbled upon a great 3-level townhouse close to Trout Lake back at the beginning of June. It has floor to ceiling windows on all floors, a unique design and 2 patios - the top floor patio includes a build in gas fireplace!

We instantly fell in love with it and after many in depth conversations, we put in an offer. A quick bylaw change was needed to allow the animal farm to move with us, and then subjects were removed. This past weekend, we moved in!

It was all so quick that even some of our friends didn't know we moved until this week!! But all in all, we're so excited about our new place. Can't wait to get patio furniture to enjoy the patio with the fireplace this fall!! I'll be sure to post some more photos once the boxes have been cleared and we have the place in some semblance of order.