New Beginnings - An Update | Personal

At the beginning of 2013, I decided to take a rare stance and set resolutions for myself. My resolution was to do things that scare me. I even started my resolution right away, you can read about it here. This week, I did it again. I attended my first Vancouver Wedding Meetup. It's a night for all wedding industry professionals to get together, catch up with old friends, meet new ones and share in the calm before the storm that is the wedding season.

The boy was away for the weekend so I put on my big girl shoes and attended the even solo. I must have talked myself out of going at least 100 times on the drive to the Stanley Park Pavillion, but I forced my-heart-pounding-nerves-on-high-alert-self go. Attending anything by yourself, without knowing anyone, is hard enough. Attending a networking event, by yourself, without knowing anyone, is 10 times harder!! Schmoozing is definitely not my strong suit. Having to walk up to strangers and start a conversation makes the part of my brain that handles small talk go blank.

The night started off by everyone having to get their photo taken in order to get your free drink ticket. I mean really. Was the universe combining forces just to bring all things that scare the pants off of me together for one night?!? Apparently I did ok with the photo because they gave me a drink ticket and off I went to find some liquid courage.

While I wasn't the life of the party, I managed to meet some really nice people, exchanged cards with a few, and walked away putting faces to names I'd seen on FB. All in all, a success in my books. Next time, I'm bringing my girl Kelli, who rocks at these type of events, and I can just ride on her coattails. They say face your fears, but they never said I had to do it more than once!