Meighen Family

It feels like it's been forever since I've seen Jenn & Ozzie. Their little guy, Nicolas, is turning into a mini Ozzie in appearances, and is SUCH a little chatterbox. Again, just like Dad. ;). I was incredibly impressed at his ability to speak in fully understandable sentences and his ability to pronounce my name. A feat most 3 yr olds struggle with. And he was definitely not shy around me which makes it that much more fun for everyone! Baby Emily is only 2 months old but has the best rolls!! Seriously, every baby should have rolls. She was a star herself with only had a few moments of fussiness that were solved by a mini time-out with Mom.

We ended the session catching up on life with a few cold bevvies on their back porch, enjoying the summer air. A fab way to spend a Sunday evening with friends.

Jenn, Ozzie, thanks so much for having me over, it was so much fun getting to meet Baby Emily and see how much Nic has grown up and what an entertaining, funny little man he's become.

The "claw" came out to grab Daddy!

Mom has the magic touch to get Emily to fall asleep!