Inspiration and Motivation

Almost every morning, I sit at my desk and read the various blogs I follow. One particular blog had an interesting post about what Van Gogh can teach photographers. (check it out here). In his letters, Van Gogh talks about the various types of idlers and the paralysis creative minds can get into. You're so stuck in thinking about IT, that you don't take action. But action is exactly what you need to do. It got me thinking about how this relates to my 365 project and running. Yes I'm aware they're 2 different things, but the principles apply to both.

With running, it's leaving the house that I find the hardest. No amount of gadgets, music, skookum watch, new runners, etc will ever motivate me to run. You just have to put on your runners and leave the house. Each run will be easier than the next. Each run your endurance will improve. Sure you'll have days that your legs feel like lead and your lungs are on fire. But I promise the next run won't hurt as much. You just gotta run.

A photo a day requires you to pick up your camera and take a photo, or 5 or 10. Every. Single. Day. Inspired or not. Just do it. (I sound like a Nike commercial). Yes there will be bad photos, maybe even horrible ones. (In my case there are many many bad and horrible ones). Yes it exposes weaknesses and possibly failure to duplicate the image in my head. I think that's the point. Because every day you pick up your camera, you get a little bit better. You see the light better. You compose that shot better. You find a new way to photograph the mundane.

So on that note, a quick update on my 365 project. I've been using the animals as my subjects of late, mostly out of laziness to leave my house after a long day. Here are two of my current favourite of Lexi. And my dirty floors. Don't judge. Please.

365 Project Day 45.jpg

365 Project Day 44.jpg