Indonesia | Personal

We headed to Bali after a short stint in Makati at the uber lux New World hotel. And when I say "uber lux", I mean 6-star, over the top, I'm-totally-underdressed-feeling type of lux. Just to paint the picture. So, here's a little story about how our Bali adventures started. It's a bit of a long story so please bare with me.

Our flight was delayed so we arrived in Bali later than we had hoped. We jumped in a cab and made our way through crazy traffic to our hotel. The cabbie turned down an alley and had to stop because it narrowed to the point where only motorcycles and vespa-type bikes could fit. He pointed to a sign on a the side of a building and said "there's your hotel". The problem was that he couldn't tell us exactly how to get to the hotel. After walking around the block, in the dark, with our luggage, a security guard helped us find the entrance. Turns out, all we had to do was take a left, right, left, right and a right from where the cabbie drop us off. Silly us!

We walked into an open air home stay and said to the gentlemen sitting on the stairs that we have a reservation. His response, "You do?! Let me call my sister." Worrisome to say the least. He walked over a white board and then says "Dennis? Oh yes, ok". He then proceeds to tell us that we the room we booked isn't available until the next day, but he had a room available with air conditioning but no hot water that we could stay in for the first night, then we'd get moved to our room the next day.

We agreed. Now in hind sight, our first flag should've been that the door was barely wide enough for us to fit through. I chalk it up to being tired from a day of travelling. I walked into the bathroom and found rat droppings on the floor. That's when I discovered Dennis has strong feelings towards rats, similar to my feelings towards spiders. We promptly took off for the local pub around the corner and had a few cocktails in hopes that upon returning to our room, he'd hopefully forget about the rat in our room. (It didn't really work).

The next day we got moved to another room that was thankfully rat free and had hot water. Nothing like going from a 6 star hotel that pampers you to a room with a rat. Oh the adventures.

After a few days in Bali, we took off for the Gili Islands. We opted for the quieter Gili Meno island and stayed at an awesome boutique hotel run by a brother & sister from England, and her husband. I know the Brits are known for their tea, but they brewed a mean cup of coffee. We went snorkeling off the shore and saw 3 turtles! Seeing turtles in the wild and in the same body of water is WAY cooler than seeing them in the aquarium. Just saying. We headed back to Bali after only a few days and began our trek to Thailand.

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