How to Prepare for your Family Portraits

I frequently get asked about what to wear for your family photos. Sure, I can offer a couple of tips, but I am by no means an expert. So I enlisted the help of a friend who is! Check out her tips below!

Getting dressed and prepped for your family portraits shouldn't be a stressful task. Here are a few guidelines for Fashion Stylist Elim Chu to help you and your family look and feel your best at your session.

  • Hair

    • Choose hairstyles that members are familiar and comfortable with

    • Schedule any hair cut or colouring a week or two in advance of your family's portrait session

  • Nails

    • Clean and trimmed fingernails

  • Skin

    • Moisturize any bare skin

  • Makeup

    • Apply makeup as you are most familiar and comfortable with

  • Clothing

    • Working with existing wardrobe – you’ll feel more comfortable!

    • Choose clothes that you feel your best in

    • Pull a palette together from one individual’s outfit. Recommendation: start with mom

    • Solid colors, subtle print (not too busy) or texture is preferable

    • Indoor: Consider environmental colors so as to not blend in

    • Outdoor: Consider environmental colors and weather appropriate

    • Choose outfits: a regular day but “put together”

    • Clean footwear, doesn’t have to be brand new

      • Wipe down with a moist cloth

      • Buff and polish shoe leather


Want to work with a professional? Inquire about adding a Stylist to your package!

Elim offers two options:

1) Styled outfits – up to 60min (max. 4 indviduals)
Travel costs apply if outside of Vancouver city limits

  • Stylist consultation
    • in advance of portrait session
    • By phone or email to determine looks for family members (Ex. Formal, casual, event or season specific)
  • Wardrobe
    • Stylist to meet clients at their home
    • choose outfits for each family member

2) Stylist during session
Travel costs apply if outside of Vancouver city limits

  • Hair and apparel adjustments during your portrait session to ensure everyone looks their best

Please reach out to Elim directly for pricing. She can be found on her website

For more inspiration and styling tips, follow her on instagram @elim_chu 

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