Hoops for Haiyan

Every now and then, someone comes into your life and inspires you. An old coworker of mine, Kat, is one of those people for me. Kat organized an open gym basketball mini tournament to raise funds for Typhoon Haiyan victims. In a matter of a couple of weeks, she secured the gym, coordinated with Dennis to sell some special edition Mount Pleasant Athletic Club t-shirts and managed to get enough people to come out to the open gym in order to raise $1100. With government matching, that $2200 is going to helping a LOT of people in the Philippines! If you'd still like to contribute, the Mount Pleasant t-shirts are still available for $20. All proceeds going to the Typhoon victims. Please email info@mtpleasant-ac.com to purchase.

Hoops for Haiyan 0001.jpg Hoops for Haiyan 0002.jpg Hoops for Haiyan 0017.jpg Hoops for Haiyan 0018.jpg Hoops for Haiyan 0024.jpg

P.S. Another example of Kat's generous and socially conscience self: a couple of weeks before, for her birthday, instead of gifts or a big bday bash, she organized a beach clean at Jericho. As one does at the age of 25. Amazing!

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