Hidden Treasures | Personal

He was complaining about the lack of bars he was getting on his side of the office. Being 2 floors up, apparently my side of the office has the strongest wifi connection. As we brainstormed what we needed to hardwire his computer, I started searching through "the box". Every techy has one. You know, that box full of cables, power supplies, card readers, etc. Before we spent any more money on yet another cat-5 cable, I wanted to make sure we didn't already have one that was long enough. And you'll never guess what I found!

This little guy was somehow hidden in the tangled mess. I haven't shot with a film camera since the late 90's, but that was you standard point and shoot so I don't feel like that counts. I'm excited to try this little lomo out! Now I just need to find some film. Any one got any recommendations?? :)

P.S. Also, just wanted to wish my mom a happy birthday!