Hello 2016

Well hello 2016! You kinda crept up on me, but I’m happy you’re here. Like most people, I’ve been thinking about the past year and dreaming big for the upcoming one. I thought I would share a few of my goals, mostly because saying them out loud (or in public I suppose) makes them feel real, but also because it creates a sense of accountability so they can’t just fall by the wayside in a month or two.

Here are 5 of my 2016 goals:

1) Balance. Both in business and in life. This means, we're cancelling our cable (don't worry, we still have netflix - phewf!). Official office hours will exist and be followed. (This is a big one for me - I need to put down the phone and resist the urge to check email at all hours of the day!) Go to yoga. Connect with industry friends. Hang out with my nephews regularly. You get the idea. 

2) Save. We have a couple of friends getting married this year, and I want to make sure that if they decide to have a destination wedding, that we're prepared to travel to share their special day with them. 

3) Attitude of gratitude. I too often focus on where I want to be and the huge uphill I still need to climb. While it's important to have a vision and goal to aim towards, I want to make sure I take the time to be grateful for the road I've just walked and acknowledge how far I've come so far.

4) Book more. I feel like this one is pretty obv. ;)

5) Build more lego. My birthday was at the end of December and Dennis went over and above to make my day extra special. After taking me out to a lovely dinner he surprised me with yet another gift: a lego Mini Cooper to build. I love Mini Coopers. I’ve never build a lego anything before. I LOVED it!! I built it essentially in one night and I can't wait to build something else now!