How I came up with the name Fortune Hill Photography

When I decided to give the photography biz a real try, I had the hardest time coming up with my business name. I am horrible at coming up with things like this. My mind goes blank and I default to the most obvious and literal option, which is rarely anything that doesn't suck. So while trying to decide what to name my business, I noticed a lot of people using their own name as their business name. Which is great for most, but having had multiple first hand experiences of people mis-saying, mis-pronouncing and mis-spelling my last name, I figured that was a bad idea. Instead I decided to embrace my Japanese heritage and use the meaning of my name.

In my research I discovered the Fukuyama meant lucky mountain. Which is ok, but I was only kinda "meh" about it. Then I realized that my brother's email address was fortune hill, which was kinda the same meaning only WAY cooler in my mind. It was unique, it had meaning and more importantly, it was ME. So that's what I went with.

Big thanks to my bro, who ,unknowingly, was my inspiration. :)

Picture of a Vancouver wedding photographer photo credit: Lyndsay Greenwood Photography