Bobby & Kamilia Engagement Shoot

When I first met Bobby, he was the "Voice of God". We worked together at a Patton Oswalt show at the Vogue back in the spring of 2011. As we prepared for the show, he told me about his fiance in Boston and the trip he was planning on taking before he made the official move to Boston as well. I remember thinking it's not often you hear a guy willing to move across the continent to be with his love. It was very sweet and romantic. Fast forward to November 2011. I got an email inquiry from Kamilia. She was looking for a wedding photographer and was referred to me by a mutual friend. After a few email exchanges, I finally clued into the fact that her fiancee, Bobby, was in fact the "Voice of God". (Ok so maybe the mutual friend informed me of the fact, regardless - dots were connected!)

I finally got to meet Kamilia in person the week of her wedding, and to be honest, my first thought was "Wow, she's tall. They're both tall. I gotta find my step stool for the wedding day."

After my brain quickly rejigged my day of packing list, we set about WhyteCliff Park in North Vancouver for some engagement photos. It wasn't the sunny dry day we were hoping for, but Kamilia and Bobby were good sports about the rain and we managed to have a good time even with some wet shoes and pants.

I love this photo - they look so happy! I found this little mini makeshift cove at the beach surrounded by greenery which provided an amazing background while the setting sun lit them perfectly. Loved this spot!