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As some of you may know, the boy and his friends have started their own clothing line. (This does tie back to photo albums, trust me!). Since then, he's looked at clothes in a different light. He consistently opts for quality, well made items that are meant to last. Especially since he rides his bike quite often, clothes that will stand the test of time are definitely important. So I decided to take the same approach with the albums I offer. I wanted to make sure they were well made, quality albums that would be around for years. I mean, who wouldn't want to show their grandkids what a hottie you were on your wedding day?? And after some intense research, I've found an album I'm very excited about. I present you, the RedTree Leather Album.

I absolutely LOVE this album. The smell, the weight, the soft material case - love it all! I even love the box it's shipping in!! Yes, it's just a plain white box. I still love it! :) (ok, I'll stop with the "love", I'm starting to annoy myself!)

The pages are nice and thick, and will also lay flat, which means no horrible crease going through your photos. It will appear seamless! Each album is hand made with lots of love and care and double checked to make sure it's perfect. In a world full of production line, machine manufactured products, it's kinda refreshing that something is hand made.

You can also get a mini version of your album, which is kind of a nice touch. And, these little guys would work well as a nice little gift...maybe of your wedding day...for say...your parents... Just sayin'! ;)

So if you're interested in this album, or would like to book me for your wedding or some portraits, please feel out the form on the contact page or drop me an email at

This is a 12x12 30 page album in Maple. The mini album shown below is actually 5x5, but they've recently increased the size to be 6x6.