365 Project - Part Deux

Ok, so here goes another shot at my 365 Project. To be honest, I may have jumped in a little too soon after our last breakup, but whatevs! That's what life is about right?

This time around, I have the inspiration of my brand spanking new D800 to keep me going! Of course I likely won't be carrying that puppy with me every day - I'm not ready for it to bang around in my backpack next to my lunch on my bike ride to work just yet. But it's certainly fun to play with at home while I learn all the new features!

I've also decided to use Flickr as my 365 photo repository. It's way easier to export them right out of Lightroom instead of trying to write a post about each photo. Let's face it - I'm WAY funny (in writing) on a weekly basis.

So here's to 365 days of photos from yours truly! Feel free to add me as a contact on Flickr. Tell your friends. Tell your family. Please. Seriously.

The more people following my photos, the more motivated I am. I mean, how embarrassing would it be if I stopped at Day 10??

365 Project Day 12.jpg