You're Engaged! Now what?

 The dress, the venue, the guest list, the wedding party, the flowers and of course the photographer. So many things to think about, and so much advice everywhere! Seriously, if you google "how to plan a wedding", Google will return you thousands and thousands of results.

While I don't feel qualified to offer advice on most of the list above, I can offer a few tips for choosing your wedding photographer. Now, please keep in mind, these are not golden rules to live by. Just one person's thoughts.

  • Meet with every prospective wedding photographer. I can't stress this one enough. Why? You'll be spending anywhere from 6-12+ hrs with this person (or people if they have a second photographer). The last thing you want is someone you have no common ground with, who makes you feel awkward, or someone who's jokes you don't get.  Think of it like a speed date to see if you click well enough to go for the big date together. If you can't meet with your photographer, Skype is a great alternative.
  • Make sure you like the photographer's style. What does that mean?  Well, take a look at their website. Is their portfolio filled with laughing photos or serious posed photos or oodles of black and white? Whatever their portfolio has, make sure you like those types of photos because those are the types of images you'll most likely get. Sure, there will be the standard formal family photos, but the rest will be similar to what they're showcasing in their portfolio.
  • Make sure they have a package that works for your needs. Obvi. But still, good to re-inforce it. 
  • Ensure they're within your budget. Again, I'm stating the obvious, but at the same time, if you're heart is set on a certain photographer, see if they offer a payment plan. 
  • And finally, can you see yourself having a beer (or bevvie of your choice) and shooting the breeze with them? This is my barometer for a lot of things, and I find it's a really gut check. 

And of course, if the photographer you've had your eye on is me, well I would love to grab a coffee and chat. Just saying. ;)

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