What To Wear To Your Engagement Session

If you're like me, aside from working from home in my lululemons, I struggle with what to wear when it comes to going out. Something as simple as a friend's birthday or a party becomes a constant internal debate. Do I wear jeans with a cool top or a dress?  Heels or flats? Straight hair or curly? I can sometimes agonize over my wardrobe for days.

Add the pressure of having your photos being taken, like at your engagement session, and it can be down right stressful. But don't worry, I have a few tips to make it easier to solve this never ending dilemma.

Bring 2 outfits

That way, if you can't decide between jeans or a dress, you can wear both! I always recommend to my couples to bring one casual outfit and one outfit you might wear on a special date night (think anniversary or important birthday dinner with your love). Aside from saving you from having to make this decision, it also adds some good variety to your gallery.

Dry run for hair + makeup

One of the best feelings is an amazing blow out and having your make up done. Why not do a test run for your wedding day hair and makeup? This way, you'll see how both look in photos, and your make up + hair artist can make any tweaks so that it's spectacular on your big day!


There's a reason I 'yelled' that. And used 3 exclamation points. It's SO SO SO important, that regardless of what you wear or do with your hair and make up, that you feel comfortable and feel good. If you live for dresses with your nails did, hair did, everything did - rock it! If you live for your jeans, favourite tee and chucks, let's do it! 

When you're comfortable, your true self shines through in your photos and all those magical, romantic, fun moments will just happen naturally. And that's the story of your love I look forward to sharing.

So if you're looking for a wedding photographer for your upcoming wedding, please email me and let's chat! I'd love to meet you and your love and hear all about your big day. :)