Sharayhah + Dana | North Vancouver Engagement Photographer

Sharayhah and Dana met when when she bought her first commuter bike. Though once the bike was purchased, she realized she was in need of a basket as well. Being the savvy shopper she is, she was looking for a more economical option. Enter Dana to the rescue! He offered her a milk crate that she could attach to her bike.

Shortly after picking up the milk crate from Dana's place, the two met again for a biking date to the Sunshine Coast. Who would've guessed that this date, which involved far more biking than Sharayhah had anticipated, was the beginning of a beautiful love. A love of adventures, a love of creativity, a love of inspiration and a love that takes them down the aisle to become Mr + Mrs. A day I'm extremely excited for and honoured to be a part of.

Side note: one of Dana's interests is rebuilding vintage cars and check out his awesome wagon!!