Melissa + Mike | Richmond Engagement Photographer

Sometimes all it takes is someone throwing out an idea like going to Whistler for the night for magic to happen. After a day spent at Mt Baker snowboarding, a friend suggested they head up to Whistler for the night. Little did Mel + Mike know, their friend had other plans once they arrived in Whistler, leaving Mel + Mike to truly get to know each other.

About a year later, at the top of 7th Heaven in Whistler, Mike got down on one knee and ask Mel to spend the rest of her life as his wife.

Mel + Mike live in Richmond, so it seemed fitting we went to a couple of their fav spots. Now, I grew up in Richmond, but I have never been to Finn's Slough, a small little community along the right. It was so much fun having them show me around the Slough. We found some cool spots, talk to a few resides and had an amazing time! And didn't these two totally rock their session?!!!