Less Is More

Vancouver's wedding season is about April - October. I mean, we don't get crazy winters like back east, but getting married in rainy, grey, chilled-to-the-bone-with-4-layers-on weather isn't very appealing either. (I know there are some who have winter weddings in Vancouver, I'm just going based on the average peek wedding season)

So when I first started my business, I automatically assumed that I should book up every available weekend during wedding season.  Boy was I wrong!

Now, a couple years into it, I've realized how important it is to me that I provide all of my couples with the best possible experience I can. I want to make sure that every question, inquiry and request gets my undivided attention and is responded to in a timely manner. I want to give them the attention they deserve on this big important moment in life.

So in order to do that, I've decided that I am only photographing 10 weddings per year. This gives me the time to pay special attention to my lovely 10 ladies each year and still enjoy a few weekends of Vancouver's amazing summer.

Vancouver wedding photographer