Jenna + Aaron | Langley Wedding Photographer

They were visiting Buckingham Palace, as one must when traveling to London. Unfortunately Aaron had to use the little boys room, and after getting some rather convoluted directions from a gentleman that resulted in him getting a tad lost, he rushed back to find Jenna as their tour was entering the Palace. Unbeknownst to him, he had walked right past her, and proceeded to do several laps around Buckingham trying to find her. 

After finally realizing she had probably left, he made his way to Tube. Along the way, he stumbled upon a ticket booth that was selling tickets to Wicked. Aaron decided to pick up some tickets for them, not realizing that it was an award winning play. Once at the Tube station, he patiently waited for his train, allowing several trains to go by, only to have the doors of his train open and see Jenna, holding Starbucks, waiting for him on the train.

If this story didn't make me 100% believe these two are meant to be together, Aaron's face as he turned to see his beautiful bride fro the first time definitely does. On a slightly overcast day in Langley, in front of family and friends, Jenna and Aaron because Mrs + Mr Aktinson. And it was truly an honour to be there to capture this special day for them!

Florist: Budget Blooms

Cake Artist: Aileen Almagro

Hair + Make up Artist: Jess Ranalli

Venue: Langley Golf & Banquet Centre