How to Decide How Much Wedding Photography Coverage You Really Need?

Figuring how much wedding photography coverage can be tricky. Obviously the ceremony is a must-have. Same with portraits. And family photos. But how much more of the day do you really need?

Let's start with considering the key events of the day: getting ready photos, ceremony, portraits and reception. Next, consider how important each of these events are to you.

Getting ready photos:

Do you have a lot of details? Killer shoes, earrings, bracelet(s), necklace(s), veil, Grandma's hanky, etc? Are you having a girls sleep over the night before and all getting ready together? Let’s capture these special moments! On the flip side, if you're going for a minimal look, perhaps you can forgo the include getting ready photos and use that time for later in the day?


Ceremony + Portraits:

The ceremony is the ceremony, pretty self explanatory. For the portraits, there are a few things to consider. Time saving tips: keep the location for the portraits close-by to avoid any unexpected delays like construction and road closures. Also, create a family photo list of every combination of family members possible and review it with both parents. Bonus, this may be one of the few times extended family gets together, we should photograph everyone!


A few key moments during most receptions like your grand entrance/announcement, first dance, and toasts can be important to capture. If you love a good dance party, capturing the dance floor will definitely give you amazing memories. A trick to saving some money is to just have the beginning of the dance party covered, you don't need to pay a professional to capture the drunk dance party photos, peoples iPhones can do that.

Now that you’ve considered what part of the day are important for you to have documented, grab your timeline and schedule a chat with your wedding photographer. Together you’ll create your perfect wedding photography coverage!