Alex + Tony | Cultus Lake Engagement Photographer

To just say these two are "in love" would be an understatement. These two are the loviest (that's a word right?), most adoring and completely head over heels in love couple I've ever met! They were so much fun to hang out with, their PDA's were never awkward (thankfully!) and I felt a little special as they share their favourite "locals only" spots.

Alex + Tony lived in Cultus Lake for a number of years, so it held a soft spot in their hearts. Their amazing dog Ella grew up playing with all the kids who used to spend their summers by the lake. They enjoyed the solace winter brought them, having most of the lake to themselves. Having been to the lake once when I was young, I didn't really remember the lake very well, so I was mesmerized as they reminisced of their time at Cultus.

This September, they are getting married at Manning Park and I'm so honoured to be a part of their special day. I can't wait!