5 Tips to Master Your Wedding Timeline

When you plan a wedding, unless you've hired a wedding planner, you are the wedding planner. And decision maker. And the money. It's a lot and can definitely feel overwhelming, but mastering your timeline is way easier if you keep these 5 tips:

Aki+Andy Engagement 0047.jpg

1) Buffer time is your timeline BFF. Add 5-10 mins to each part of the day to allow for the unexpected. I mean, you never know when they will shutdown the roads because of Deadpool 3.

Lisa + Sam Wedding 0157-2.jpg

2) Allow for extra time if you've got a big crew with you. Not only do I want to make sure that I get a stellar photo of you and each of your peeps, we should definitely have some fun with a crew this size!

Mel+Mike Wedding 0215.jpg

3) Consider having a first look. Delays at the beginning of your day can have ripple effects throughout the rest of the day. By having the photos done earlier in the day, any delay ripples won't cut into portrait time.

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4) Before finalizing your timeline, talk to your wedding photographer. Depending on what time of day the wedding party photos happen, your photographer may recommend different locations to make sure you have the best light for photos.

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5) Sharing is caring! Once your timeline is final, make sure all your vendors get a copy so that everyone is on the same page