5 Tips for How to Hire A Wedding Photographer

You're engaged - congratulations!! You've decided on a date! You've secured your venue! Now, you have to find a photographer. Google “Vancouver wedding photographer” and you’ll get thousands of search results. How are you suppose to choose? How do you know what makes a “good” photographer?

These 5 tips will help you feel confident making your decision:

Vancouver Wedding Photographer 0011.jpg

1) Start early. Photographers tend to be amongst the top 3 vendors which means that they can be booked out even 1 year out. This is something to keep in mind if you already know who you want to be your wedding photographer.

2) See lots of photos. A professional photographer will have a wedding gallery on their website, which is a great starting place. It helps give you a sense of their style. It's also a good idea to ask to see a wedding album or maybe even a full gallery.

3) Style. This is kind of an important one. Do you like the light and airy style? Dark and moody? Vibrant and bright? Can't decide? Imagine you're flipping through your wedding album with your grandkids. Which style won't make you cringe?

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4) Personality. You will spend most of your day with your wedding photographer, so it's important that you connect and get along with your photographer. Most photographers offer complimentary consultations and I highly recommend taking them up on it.


5) Price vs quality. I get it. Budgets are real. And finding that balance between fitting within your budget and getting the best photos ever is a hard one. Considering it's your big day, I would go for the highest quality you can afford, even if that means reducing the amount of your wedding photography coverage.