If we couldn’t laugh, we would all go insane.
— Robert Frost

Hi, I'm Vanessa!

Once upon a time, I sold my beloved red and white Mini Cooper, bought a camera and never looked back. I am a romantic at heart and I love a good dance party, which is why I absolutely LOVE photographing weddings.

Before we work together, there’s 9 things you HAVE to know about me (I know, 9 is such a random number but I'm just gonna go with it!) :

  • I'm a mama to two fur-babies, Lexi and Jack
  • I'm wife to Dennis, who moonlights as my second shooter
  • I strongly believe in PJ days
  • I can't live without coffee
  • My favourite snack is popcorn
  • I'm a total beer girl
  • I love a good dance party
  • I live for romantic moments, belly-aching laughs, and creating beautiful memories for my clients
  • I'm so LUCKY to have clients that let me tag along on their big adventure - their wedding

That’s my story, what’s yours?

Love doesn’t make the world go round; love is what makes the ride worthwhile.
— Elizabeth Browning
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The Process

The first step is to grab a coffee or beer. We’ll get to know each other, create your custom wedding quote and secure your date! High Five!

Next we get into planning. I’m not gonna lie, timelines are kinda my jam. I will send you a questionnaire that will outline all the details of your day, as well as all the various groupings of family photos you'd like. Two weeks before the wedding, we'll have a quick chat to talk through your wedding day timeline and finalize the deets.

The wedding day! Really there's not much for you to do other than enjoy the day to the fullest, so let the dance party begin!!

While you’re off enjoying your honeymoon, I’ll be editing your images and posting a few sneak peeks to Facebook and Instagram. So let’s make our friendship official on FB + Insta so you can see them!

Vancouver Wedding Photographer 0020.JPG

The Experience

I will have the best seat in the house at your wedding. It’s an honour I treasure, humbly accept and will work my absolute hardest to make your day even more incredible than it already is going to be.

You can expect a lot of "YESSSSSS"'s and "Atta girl!" during both your engagement session and your wedding. Sorry boys, I might throw a "beautiful" your way now and then...I tend to get caught up in the moment.

For the most part, you probably won't even notice me. I like to give you space and let you be in the moment with your friends, family + love. But don't worry, I'm around and always on the look out for those naturally amazing candid moments.


That's a Wrap

Ok. So here's the thing about albums. They are more than just this random book. They are the storybooks of your love. Of this super special day in your life. They are your legacy, memories and story, preserved for life in print.

And yes, I'm aware we live in a digital age. But in the last few years, images have gone from being delivered on DVD/CD to USB and now as digital download. It's constantly changing, but books have been around the entire time. They are classic. Timeless. Forever.

And I love knowing that in 50 years, you can sit with your grandkids, and show them the story of how their grandparents met, fell in love and kicked off this amazing adventure called marriage with an equally amazing wedding. 


I believe that no one is perfect, but there's someone perfect FOR you. I'm thrilled you've found your person in life!! 

And I truly believe the same applies in business. So....are we a match???